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Hotel the «Ritz-Carlton Moscow»


Адрес: 3 Tverskaya str.

Виды выполняемых работ: monolithic frame of the building, land, general construction and special works

Заказчик: General Directorate Centre

Инвестор: Capital Partners

Генпроектировщик: Mosproekt Company, Architectural and Design Shop No.22

Общая площадь: 59,300 sq. m

Участок: 6,486.2 sq. m

Окончание строительства: December 2006

О проекте

The first De Lux hotel in Russia built by specialists of our company at the place of former Inturist hotel, Moscow. The hotel was erected using unique UP&DOWN method of construction enabling parallel construction of both underground and above-ground storeys in space-limited environment of the city and ensuring maximum safety for surrounding buildings.

The hotel is built in mixed style combining elements of classicism with modern and high-tech philosophy and composition techniques.

The front of the building is made in Russian classicism style, which was popular in Russia in the early 19th century, and greatly blends in with the historical look of Tverskaya street. Modern elements can be also seen such as glass dome at the roof with panoramic bar and glass gallery forming entrance of the hotel.

The bar provides a fantastic view of the Red Square and Kremlin. Unlike the rest, classical-style, hotel the bar is decorated in the best traditions of modern design. The dome — transparent glass-and-steel construction — creates an atmosphere of space and light in the bar.

The glass gallery running from the corner of Hotel National to Ermolova Theatre past the second storey of the whole building is ceiled with cylindrical glass arch and serves as a canopy protecting from rain and snow. The upper storeys of the hotel form a porch enclosed with glass.

The hotel has 334 different-category suits which are deemed the biggest in the capital and are equipped up-to-date in accordance with international requirements. The suits are trimmed with dark cherry wood and marble from Portugal and Altay. The windows of the upper apartments open to a splendid view of the Kremlin, Red and Manezhnaya Squares, Alexander Gardens and Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Underground part of Ritz-Carlton Moscow houses a parking for 365 cars, spa-centre of 2 000 m2, swimming pool and beauty salon. The hotel also has three restaurants, hall of 1.36 thousand m2 for 700 guests and eight conference halls.

Not without a reason "Ritz-Carlton Moscow" hotel can be called one of the most comfortable and fashionable hotels in the capital of Russia. It meets all international standards and contributes to such major objective as development of tourism in Moscow enhancing the prestige of our capital before foreign guests.