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The Bolshoi Theatre


Адрес: Teatralnaya square

Виды выполняемых работ: cluster of monolithic jobs of high complexity

Заказчик: SU-155

Окончание строительства: 2009

О проекте

Company with its wide experience in reconstruction and building of historically significant buildings in Moscow participated in reconstruction of such well-known facility as the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. The Company has successfully executed a whole set of monolithic works in the most complicated and constrained conditions at the site of reconstruction.

Company was the Contractor from September 2009 to June 2011 at the site: “2nd stage of reconstruction, restoration and equipment of the cluster of buildings of the State academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia”. There have been executed the works on the arrangement of distributing plate waterproofing, building and assembly jobs for erection of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the stage and stage zone, arrangement of underground passages.

The following jobs were implemented:

  • Building of ladder & lift structures of the stage zone block;
  • Walling, bridging, building flights of stairs of the stage zone backstage;
  • Erection of columns, balconies, bridging of technical galleries of the stage;
  • Dismantle of metal structures, concrete structures;
  • Waterproofing of distributive plate, Additional works concerning sand and crushed stone backfilling;
  • Arrangement of enclosing sheeting of electric raceway (Office building of the GABT).