Наши объекты

Road facilities

Projected passage No. 995, SAO Moscow


О проекте

Work package of Technical Customer on construction of the service road along Leningradskoye highway with demolition of the existing road as well as reconstruction of project road 995 and construction of the outer connection with a speed change lane to Liningradskoye highway has been performed.

  • Distance of project road 995 – 393.0 m;
  • Distance of the local road along Leningradskoye highway– 289.05m;
  • Road distance on Leningradskoye highway – 261.0m.

The following types of engineering networks and facilities subject to reinstallation and new construction were in the area of works:

  • Water pipeline;
  • Storm water sewer system;
  • Communication networks;
  • Electrical networks;
  • Sewage;
  • Public lighting networks;
  • MET cables;
  • Contact trolleybus network;
  • Automated Dispatch Control System

The following services have been rendered:

  • Agreement of the engineering documents with interested organizations and acquisition of the positive opinion of the state expert assessment department;
  • Obtaining of the permit for work performance;
  • Obtaining of all documents required for order for performance of all types of work;
  • Obtaining of the Technical Specifications as well as connection to the water supply, power supply networks, sewage etc.;
  • Execution of the technical regulations on construction and demolition waste disposal;
  • Control and technical supervision of the object construction;
  • Control of designer supervision at the site;
  • Handover of the completed object to specialized operating organizations.