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Sports complex

Bobsleigh complex «Paramonovo»

Moscow region

О проекте

Works on the “Paramonovo” Bobsleigh and Luge complex were performed in 2010 in order to prepare the track for the World Cup 2011.

Our experts had performed the following works:

  • Making bobrun to meet the design requirements (grinding and building-up of concrete structures);
  • Arrangement of penetrative waterproofing for the entire surface of the bobrun for the track of 1600 m;
  • Face lifting of the main and female starts;
  • Repair of the track roof (polycarbonate);
  • Arrangement of the bobrun protection against snow and wind;
  • Arrangement of additional evacuation platforms and installation grounds;
  • Modernization of the timing and telemetry system for the stage of the World Cup;
  • Arrangement of additional wooden bobrun safety fence.

General Information

“Paramonovo” Bobsleigh and Luge complex includes a bobrun of 1600 meters with modern system of the ice silvering and three starting constructions: 35-metre for men with two cargo and three passenger lifts for equipment and sportsmen, 14-metre — for women and 5-metre — for the juniors start. Difference of heights is 115 meters. Along the track the sportsmen should overcome 16 dangerous turns, accelerating up to 135 km/h. Specific “heart” of the complex is so-called main start — a structure of about ten-storied house. There are 2 passenger lifts and 1 cargo lift inside for luge and bobs.

The track in Paramonovo is a unique one in the Luge & Bobsleigh Association. For the first time the bobrun profile is designed by means of computer graphics so, that there is no point dangerous to the sportsmen where they might have had specific blow at the turn. For the first time in the world there has been applied carbonic gas as a cooling agent, instead of ammonia; it makes the track really ecological. The track corresponds to all world standards; it is arranged according to the latest word of techniques. It may be used for both the championships of Russia and the stages of the World Cup, the World and European luge, bobsleighing and skeleton championships. It is a real breakthrough in building Luge & Bobsleigh tracks in the country.