Наши объекты

Residential complex

Elite residential house in Povarskaya street


Адрес: campus buildings 1, 2, 3, 28 Povarskaya street

Виды выполняемых работ: reconstruction, restoration, general construction works

Общая площадь: 12 300 sq.m

О проекте

The elite residential complex in Povarskaya Street consists of three buildings. The first one is a classical style four-storey building with a mansard. The number of apartments is 11. The next modern style building with variable number of floors, open staircase verandas has a swimming pool, gym, and saunas on the first floor. The number of apartment at the staircase landing ranges from two to four. The third, separately located restored detached house is a monument of architecture.

Under the total yard area and under buildings 2 and 3, the underground single-level parking lot for 18 cars is designed, with a level accessible roof area used for development of the internal yard driveway and green recreation area with improvements and decorative plants.

The house in Povarskaya Street is included in the top hundred of the best houses according to the Forbes estimates.

Technical specifications
Supply and exhaust ventilation, central air conditioning.
The buildings are equipped with modern engineering reserve systems.