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Residential community

“English Town” Residential Community


Адрес: 13 Mytnaya str.

Виды выполняемых работ: General Contractor for monolithic works at the complex

Общая площадь: 4.4 Hectares (198 000 m2)

Участок: from 46.8 to 201 m2

Окончание строительства: 2008

О проекте

Residential community represents a unique oasis with the closed courtyard in the very center of Moscow. Big territory of the quarter – 4.4 hectares, allows convenient arrangement of various functional zones in the complex.

The buildings are erected under the most modern for today technology (monolithic skeleton with three-layer external walls “monolith + warmth-keeping jacket + fact brick”).

Apartments Characteristics
Apartments of free lay-out have the ceilings height of more than 3 meters. Heating system — bimetallic radiators. Windows — plastic multiple glass panes. There may be offered glazing of balconies and loggias. There are places for external units of air conditioning.

Arrangement and Infrastructure
The “English Town” is settled down in the historical centre of Moscow, in one of the coziest and prestigious areas — Zamoskvorechye. Its site is very interesting. In spite of the fact that it is situated in the centre it is a very quiet place. There is no heavy traffic highway near the “English Town” that favorably affects ecology.

Quarter is situated between the Garden Ring and the Third Transport Ring, and one can easily access both highways at any time without any traffic jams.

Technological Infrastructure of Housing Services and Utilities
Mechanical supply-and-exhaust ventilation.
High-quality furnish of premises of the entrance group, lift and apartment halls.
Digital telephony, allocated Internet channel and satellite TV.
Accomplishment and gardening of the court-yard territory with equipment of guest parking, flower beds, children's playgrounds and sports-game complexes.
Architectural illumination of facades.
Underground two-level garage.

Closed protected territory