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Residential complex

“Northern Park” Residential Complex


Адрес: 25 Leningradskoe highway

Виды выполняемых работ: Complex completion of the facility, front works on warm contour of the complex, full cycle of painting and decorating in the entire complex, engineering works, complex of public works

Участок: 130 000 m2

Окончание строительства: 2009

Общая площадь квартир: 57 m² to 192 m²

О проекте

Surrounded by the ponds, adjoining the largest capital reservoir — Himkinsky Water Basin, — the “Northern Park” Residential Complex is just a godsend for those who value time and money; aspire to be in the centre of the capital life, while enjoying all delights of the country-side life in the meantime.

“Northern Park” Residential Complex is erected near Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Park; it is surrounded by ponds and the Himkinsky Water Basin. This place harmoniously incorporates noisy life of the city and quiet solitude in the ecological microclimate. “Northern Park” Residential Complex consists of three monolithic structures of 20-30-40 floors and one uninhabited structure of 3-4 floors. Facades of the “Northern Park” Residential Complex houses are finished with marble aggregate.

Apartments Characteristics
The complex is planned to have 2, 3, 4 and 5 room single-level and two-level apartments with the area from 56 to 240 m2. A new approach is implemented to lay-out of apartments, which is based on the experience accumulated by decades in Europe and America. Its basic requirements are: availability of several utility cores, laundry room and kitchen open to drawing room, cloakroom and utility core as indispensable attributes of bedroom.

Arrangement and Infrastructure
This complex is characterized by its unique location in Moscow: it is simultaneously situated in immediate proximity of the woodland park Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo and near the highway — Leningrad Highway and metro station Voykovskaya. Inhabitants of the complex can use nearby fitness club with the biggest-in-capital pool and huge shopping complex. There is also an English school and Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park nearby.

Technological Infrastructure of Housing Services and Utilities
Buildings of the Northern Park have a complicated structure: external walls are reinforced concrete, heat insulation material is based on the basalt basis and the inside layer is executed of the plaster plate. Internal vestibule furnish is executed with high-quality materials. The house has double-pane glass windows and supply-and-exhaust ventilation.
Apartments are equipped with new type of heating system — air heating functioning according to the “climate control” principle. This type of heating perfectly keeps the required temperature in the apartment; it conditions and ventilates the air, depriving air mass of surplus moisture and prevents windows weeping. Any possibility of penetration of dust, gases and smells into apartment is excluded.
There is an installation of telephones with allocated Internet channel. The operator is “Communication and Building” Company.

Special attention is paid to fire safety. The building is equipped with smoke protection system and fire alarm system, internal fire fighting water conduit and automatic fire extinguishing.