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Residential complex

“Tricolor” Residential Complex


Адрес: 2 Rostokinskaya str.

Виды выполняемых работ: General Contractor

Технический заказчик: GRM GROUP Company

Заказчик: Capital Group

Проектировщик: TPO “Reserve”

Общая площадь: 302 899 sq.m.

О проекте

“Tricolor” Residential Complex is one of the brightest architectural solutions in Moscow. Facades of the buildings painted national colors make the facility a place of interest. The Complex consists of one office building and three inhabited high-rise buildings (two houses with 58 floors and one with 38 floors). The “Tricolor” Residential Complex includes a stylobate, which, from the architectural and constructive point of view, unites the buildings of the Residential Complex, and from the functional point of view it serves as a multilevel parking. The “Tricolor” apartment house is designed by the TPO “Reserve” under the leadership of Architect V.I.Plotkin.

Apartments Characteristics
“Tricolor” apartments fit the most demanding taste: from 50-metre one-room to 180-metre four-room apartments. The apartments correspond to latest European tendencies of building business class dwellings: comfortable sleeping rooms, drawing rooms combined with the kitchen area, guest bathrooms.

Arrangement and Infrastructure
“Tricolor” Residential Complex is settled down in one of the most ecological places of the capital — in the green area near the Botanical Garden, the Yauza quay and Losiny Ostrov. As the matter stands, good ecology is not the only advantage of the area where the “Tricolor” houses are located. There are five higher educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, hotels, medical institutions and even a stadium. The area has developed transport network: there are metro stations nearby, namely, “Botanicheskiy Sad” and “VDNKH”. Availability of good access roads (there are additional drives into the territory of the Residential Complex in addition to the main one) and small traffic load of the basic transport arteries nearby will allow reaching the house or an office without any problems at any time.

Technological Infrastructure of Housing Services and Utilities
The house is heated from the city heat supply network, however in the project includes its own heat supply station. There is a standby power supply too, so the electric service corresponds to the first class of the electric system reliability. Every “Tricolor” house has an optical link for high-speed Internet from one of the capital leading providers.

The “Tricolor” Residential Complex has its own security service; all the facilities are equipped with the access control system (ACS) and burglar alarm. There are also modern fire-prevention systems mounted in the house.