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"Ilyinskoye" Lanehouse settlement

Moscow region (Ilyinskoye settlement)

Адрес: km 9, Ilyinskoye shossee, Krasnogorsk district

Виды выполняемых работ: all types of construction and installation works , digging, laying of communication lines and out-door plumbing system

Заказчик: KONTI (Miyakininskoye porechye LLC)

Общая площадь: 11.5 ha

Начало строительства: 2008

Окончание строительства: 2009

О проекте

“Ilyinka” is a conceptually new business class settlement. The settlement architectural conception creates an atmosphere of the European town with ancient cozy streets due to the harmony of various architectural styles.

House Specifications
The settlement is distinguished by non-linear location of houses as the lane house (means “house in the lane”) is an individual country house which is a part of the total architectural ensemble. The new conception of lane houses combines all advantages of a cottage, town house and apartment.
The settlement is designed according to the state-of-the-art standards of elite country building construction.
Six different projects of the lane houses are offered for sale in the settlement: Liverpool, Munich, Turin, Riga, Viennese and Sophia.
Each country house variant has the total area varying from 350 sq.m. to 500 sq.m., an architectural look, color scale and inner layout. Each lane house has a ground floor of 90 sq.m and a mansard. The ceiling height is at least 3.3 m. Each house is located on a land lot from 2 to 7 hundred square meters.

Location and Infrastructure
Ilyinka lane house settlement is located near Ilyinskoye village along Ilyinskoye shossee (between two main highways of the Moscow region: Rublevskoye shossee and Novorizhskoye shossee), 11 km from MRHV.
It is an ecologically clean part of the Moscow region because no large industrial enterprises have ever been built here, and there have never been any garbage dumps.
The settlement infrastructure fully meets the requirements if the business-class settlement and ensures comfortable living of the modern population.
The Moscow River flows not far from Ilyinla settlement. There is a yacht club, “Russian Izba” restaurant, World class tennis centre and a tennis centre in Zhukovka, Zhukovka Plaza and Barvikha Luxury Village near the settlement.

Housing and Utilities
All communications in the settlement are centralized.